Matchmaking: Finding Your Dog’s Friend

J. Wesley Porter May 29, 2018

What to do when you want to find your dog’s best friend

Are you your dog’s best friend? Of course you are. However, your dog might get used to just playing with you, even to your touches and your loving cuddles. A man can be a dog’s friend, but dogs should socialize with other dogs too.

Unfortunately, if left with little socialization, your dog ma . . .

Dog Dyeing: Extending Your Fashion Identity to Your Pets

J. Wesley Porter May 22, 2018

Steps you need to follow in dog dyeing

Hair dyeing is one of the many fashion trends millennials follow today, and a way for them to express themselves. Millennial dog owners now extend this fashion trend to their pets by dyeing their fur—who wouldn’t want their pet to stand out in a crowd other furry friends? Colorful fur can add to your dog’s appea . . .

Taking a Dog to Sandy Paradise

J. Wesley Porter May 15, 2018

Taking Your Dog to the Beach: What and What Not to Do

Hot, summer days can only mean one thing: beach season has officially arrived. There’s nothing quite like the feelings of dipping your toes in the sand, relaxing, playing by the shoreline, and taking a dip (and getting splashed) by the salty waves of the sea.


Sure, the thought of doing th . . .

Dietary Advice for Vegetarian Dogs

J. Wesley Porter May 8, 2018

Insider looks on how to prepare promising vegetarian food for dogs

If you’re a dedicated vegetarian or vegan, you may have already considered raising your dog under a strict no-meat diet. Since vegetarianism is a life-choice, it’s understandable for you to want to dedicate everything towards that belief – including what you feed your dog.

. . .