The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Companion During Dog Pregnancy

J. Wesley Porter April 24, 2018

Remarkable and genuine truths on what to expect during dog pregnancy

It’s mating season, your dog comes home and she’s late on her period this month. There is only one conclusion – and yes, she’s pregnant. Now what? There isn’t any plannedparenthood for dogs, at least not that you know of… so what do you do?

The first thing you shou . . .

Helpful Tips for Dog Surgery After-Care

J. Wesley Porter April 17, 2018

Reliable advice on how to practically and emphatically care for your dog recovering from surgery

Surgery – it’s a grimly painful process that nobody likes, especially your most loyal companion. No matter how hard you try, it’ll never be an easy thing to see your dog sit through the pain of post-surgery. Poor thing.

But there’s no point in sulkin . . .

Dog Treats for your Dog’s Tricks

J. Wesley Porter April 10, 2018

The best treats for your dog should keep him happy and healthy, be wise, chose smartly.

Your pooch fancies the attention of their pet parent when commended for his good behavior. He strives to be obedient, so when praise and dog treats are involved he knows that he passed his mission with flying colors.

Like humans, they would love snacks in between mea . . .

What Do Dogs Dream About?

J. Wesley Porter April 3, 2018

You’ll love your pooch even more if you knew what do dogs dream of?

You were doing some work on the computer when suddenly you heard a whimper from your pooch. In a jiffy, you were at his side and notice that he’s fast asleep.  With eyes closed his leg twitches, the tail wags, and he sometimes growls. A question swam through your mind–Do Dogs Dream? . . .