What Makes Your Dog’s Eyesight Amazing?

J. Wesley Porter March 27, 2018

Revealing facts about dogs’ eyesight

Did you know that dogs are colorblind? If you think that the capacity of your dog’s eyesight is only up to identifying the colors black and white, then there’s more you can learn. The truth is their eyes can only blue and yellow, with little shades of gray.


In the human eye, there are two kinds of pho . . .

Beware of Bad Dog Foods

J. Wesley Porter March 20, 2018

Foods that are bad for your dog need to be avoided

Who wouldn’t fall for your dog when he looks at you with those puppy eyes especially while you are eating? That hypnotizing look, begging for just a little piece, will make you give in to whatever he wants. But do you know if the food you give is good for him? Check out the following to know what foods a . . .

Taking Care of Your Dogs in Hot Weather

J. Wesley Porter March 13, 2018

Be knowledgeable on how to keep a dog cool in hot weather

Do you love dogs? Do you know how your dog behaves during hot weather? Here’s a fun fact: did you know that dogs are like humans too?

Dogs can also experience diseases that humans suffer during hot weather—dehydration, fleas, heat strokes, and even sunburn. If human beings need a quick dip in . . .

Techniques for a Better Dog Sleep

J. Wesley Porter March 6, 2018

Putting a dog to sleep requires a lot of patience and being innovative

An adult dog sleeps more than 12 hours a day and varies depending on the age and the breed. If they don’t have this amount of sleep, then they have a problem, and so do you!

There are many ways of putting a dog to sleep so both of you will be revitalized and all set for the next da . . .