Are Dog Clothes Necessary?

J. Wesley Porter February 27, 2018

Leave it to your pooch whether they want to wear dog clothes and accessories or not.

Dressing your pooch in dog clothes and accessories is a controversial issue, and the answer depends on which side of the fence you are. If you let the dog decide, the issue could be easily resolved. The answer could be based on your pooch’s reaction when he wears dog clo . . .

Famous Dogs on the Internet

J. Wesley Porter February 27, 2018

Your pooch has unique qualities, and you have the crazy ideas to make him among the famous dogs on the internet

If your pooch has a unique appearance, looks funny in outfits, or does something exceptional; chances are, he can get recognized as one of the famous dogs on the internet. These famous dogs owe their celebrity status to their pet owners who brain . . .

yoga for dogs

Why You Should Try Doga: The Yoga for Dogs

J. Wesley Porter February 13, 2018

These Must-Try Yoga Poses for Dogs Are Remarkable

As a pet owner, you most likely enjoy a lot of activities with your dog. If your routine has been repetitive lately and you’re looking for something new, then you should try yoga for dogs—or doga.

An article by Katie Briney for defines doga as a practice that “keeps many of the tradition . . .

therapy dog

How Can Your Dog Be a Therapy Dog?

J. Wesley Porter February 6, 2018

You must remember these during therapy dog training



Since time immemorial, humans and animals have coexisted. It may not have always been a harmonious relationship, but our presence in each other’s lives has brought tremendous benefits for both sides. Eventually, we humans have even tamed and domesticated some animals. Nowadays, we lo . . .