dog toys

How to Choose Dog Toys

J. Wesley Porter January 30, 2018

A quick and easy guide to choosing the best dog toys to keep your pooch happy



Dogs love to play. That is a fact. Dogs tend to get bored when left with nothing to do, so dog toys are important for a dog’s well-being. However, it can be hard to pick a toy for your pet. There’s so much to choose from! Here’s a quick guide on how to c . . .

dog arthritis

Signs that Your Pet May Have Dog Arthritis

J. Wesley Porter January 23, 2018

How do you discover the obvious symptoms of dog arthritis before it’s too late?



Your dog seems to be different these days. You notice how slowly he comes to the door to greet you. He refuses to play during lazy afternoons that used to be spent running around the lawn and chasing butterflies. Suddenly he stops chewing rawhides and has . . .

painting dog

Unleash the Painting Dog in Your Pooch

J. Wesley Porter January 16, 2018

Be creative with your pooch through dog paw print printing



Your pooch may not be the next van Gogh or the next Picasso, but he may have a flair for the creative side you don’t know. If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity to start with your furry best friend, why don’t you try teaching him dog paw print painting?

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dog sports

Dog Sports You Might Want to Try

J. Wesley Porter January 9, 2018

Competitive dog sports to stimulate your pet’s mind and body



Dogs are naturally active animals. If you own one, it’s easy to note that they can easily get bored when left with nothing to do. This is especially true about young dogs who are at the peak of their health. Just like humans, dogs also enjoy participating in sports. This k . . .