Is Meat for Dogs Okay?

J. Wesley Porter November 28, 2017

Is Meat for Dogs Okay?

We consider our pet dogs as extended members of our family. We welcome them to our home. We keep them safe and warm and, in some instances, even invited to our kitchen table, provided that these bundles of joy behave themselves. Typically, we share what we eat with our dogs. We won’t have to worry about dinner left . . .

dog training

What You Need to Know about Dog Training

J. Wesley Porter November 21, 2017

Basic Dog Training Techniques for Every Dog Mommy and Daddy



Every dog is a good dog. They only need a good human to discover their potential. If you’re a good pet parent, you know that it’s your responsibility to bring the good doggy out of your pooch. Well-trained dogs are healthier and happier dogs. They are less anxious and aggre . . .

lifespan of a dog

Know the Lifespan of a Dog

J. Wesley Porter November 14, 2017

How to calculate the lifespan of a dog and the remarkable truth about your furry friends



If you have a pet dog, you’ve probably heard this rule of thumb before when it comes to determining your dog’s age—that one dog year is roughly equivalent to seven to ten human years. Not quite. There is wisdom behind this though since dogs ma . . .

dog fleas

Dealing with Dog Fleas

J. Wesley Porter November 7, 2017

Tips on how to get rid of fleas on dogs



Dogs are man’s best friend. A lot of us even go as far as treating them as our babies. They’re just so adorable, we’ll do everything we can to take care of them. If you own at least one dog, you have most likely dealt with the horrors of the all too familiar dog fleas. Fleas thrive in humidi . . .