guard dog

Choosing a Guard Dog for Your Family

J. Wesley Porter August 29, 2017

Know the qualities that make a good family guard dog


Dogs are extremely loyal and will usually do all they can to protect their owners. Most dogs will let you know that something is not right—it’s their natural instinct. For instance, when the doorbell rings or a squirrel runs up a tree, they will bark to let you know there is an intruder. Ho . . .

dogs are better than cats

Which is Which: Are Dogs Better than Cats?

J. Wesley Porter August 24, 2017

Can science finally prove if dogs are better than cats?

Dog owners and cat enthusiast have long battled which cuddly pet is better than the other. Collections of funny viral videos containing cats and dogs have been around for a long time. Our amusement towards these furry friends sparks the age-old question—are dogs better than cats? This question can c . . .


Why Are Dogs Loyal? And Some Other Facts

J. Wesley Porter August 8, 2017

10 facts about dogs and on why they have this constant fidelity toward humans

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

                                                                                            . . .

wet nose

Your Beloved Canine’s Wet Nose

J. Wesley Porter August 1, 2017

Are Dogs’ Noses Supposed to be Wet?

Dog owners and enthusiasts alike have, at some point of their lives, probably asked this question: Why does my dog have a wet nose?

A folk tale which dates back to the biblical time of Noah tries to explain why dogs have a wet nose. The two dogs on Noah’s ark had the task of patrolling it. One day, the dogs discov . . .