Your Next Big Decision: Pet Adoption

J. Wesley Porter July 25, 2017

Here Are the Reasons to Adopt More

Pets, whether the usual cats and dogs, or the unusual ones like snakes and spiders, can become like a family to us. Their presence and the familiar sound of their barks and purrs is enough to dispel the heavy weight of a long, hard day at work, eventually soothing our tired spirits.

Those who have a prior experience wi . . .

pet a dog

Why Pet a Dog?

J. Wesley Porter July 18, 2017

The Secret behind Our Dog’s Love to Be Petted

We know the drill. When our dogs drop on the floor and roll over to offer us their bellies or lie on top of our feet or flaunt their puppy-dog eyes to us, there is no stopping us from petting them.

For those of us who have a dog for a pet, we know that, if there’s one thing our canines love, it’s being . . .


How Pets Help Reduce Stress

J. Wesley Porter July 11, 2017

Pets Teach You to Love Every Single Day of Your Life

I had a dog named Bear and to me and my kids, he was our bundle of joy. It didn’t matter if we had good days or bad days; he always greeted us with love. That’s how he eased our troubles and gave us a sense of gratitude for the day.

According to studies, pets—cats and dogs among them—can play . . .

animal shelters

Ten Truths You Need to Know about Animal Shelters

J. Wesley Porter July 4, 2017

Animal Shelters: A Temporary Sanctuary for Many Rescued Animals

Every day, animals are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Many of these animals are left on the streets, raiding Dumpsters for food and drinking from filthy puddles to survive. Animal shelters provide these animals a temporary reprieve from a life of hunger, thirst, and danger on the s . . .