Dog to Human: I Love You Unconditionally

J. Wesley Porter June 27, 2017

Human to dog: I love you unconditionally too.

Silly, fun-loving, and unimaginably pure, dogs are some of the most loving pets that any human can have. They’re always ready to make fun of themselves (e.g., chasing their own tails, making ridiculous faces, jumping on high places with their stubby legs or fumbling with their impossibly long ones, and fallin . . .

How Having a Pet Dog Helps the Family

J. Wesley Porter June 23, 2017

Ways a Dog Can Be a Family’s Best Companion

Do you know Lassie, the famous fictional dog that touched the world with her amazing and heart-wrenching story? Lassie played the lead in a number of blockbuster films and TV series entitled Lassie Come Home. She even owned one of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . . .