A Spiritual Dog Bear


Who would have thought that a dog from an animal shelter will change the life of a family forever? Ever since Bear is adopted to a family, every second is a proof that Bear is a dog worth more than anything else in the world. This story speaks of a family’s pet dog that gave them genuine love and affection for the thirteen years of its life.

Bear’s story is his family’s portrayal of how a little and fragile dog can be a source of great joy that it left a huge void when it’s time for it to go.

A perfect fit for reader of all ages, this wholesome story affects the emotions, especially of those who are in the stage of mourning for the demise of their pets. This story goes beyond human interpretation of love.

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“This was an awesome book and excellent for all ages! I bought this book for my son who was going through a tough time after his dog passed away. We both enjoyed the story immensely, and it truly helped bring back a long-missing smile to my son’s face. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a pet or is on the fence about making a pet a part of your family. You will be so happy that you read this fine story.”

—Amazon customer

“This is a very well put together story and pictorial about the life and times of one family’s dog, in this case, named Bear. A great book for children as well as adults or animal lovers everywhere!”

—Amazon customer

“Great reading for my kiddos. This is definitely one of my kids’ favorite books to read. Really inspires them to love, care, and appreciate their pets. Great job!”

—Demetrious Coleman, Amazon customer

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J. Wesley Porter is a graduate of bachelor of science in liberal arts and master of business administration in business. He has a working career in various fields including in the US Army, human resources, and training management. He has two sons—the elder one works at a prestigious computer company while the other is still studying for a computer science degree.

He is very enthusiastic about sharing to rest of the world the story of his beloved pet dog, Bear, and how the dog genuinely changed their lives. As his form of gratitude for the wonderful gift the heavens sent to him, he writes this touching book that celebrates the joyful and tear-jerking memory of Bear.


Smell is very important to a dog so he would know who you are.
Bear loved being around with people. He also loved being acknowledged and petted by everyone.
Bear loved smelling and walking in his territory.
Animals in our lives can be a blessing.
When your mood is not the best, Bear will sit near you because animal can sense tension.
Bear is now seeing snow for the very first time.
Bear soon started jumping, sliding, and rolling in the snow.
Another new item that appeared in the backyard were rabbits.
Bear wants love and companionship with petting.
Our house with Bear that once was lively and noisy now was very quiet.

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