Why Are Dogs Loyal? And Some Other Facts

J. Wesley Porter August 8, 2017

10 facts about dogs and on why they have this constant fidelity toward humans

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

                                                                                            . . .

wet nose

Your Beloved Canine’s Wet Nose

J. Wesley Porter August 1, 2017

Are Dogs’ Noses Supposed to be Wet?

Dog owners and enthusiasts alike have, at some point of their lives, probably asked this question: Why does my dog have a wet nose?

A folk tale which dates back to the biblical time of Noah tries to explain why dogs have a wet nose. The two dogs on Noah’s ark had the task of patrolling it. One day, the dogs discov . . .


Your Next Big Decision: Pet Adoption

J. Wesley Porter July 25, 2017

Here Are the Reasons to Adopt More

Pets, whether the usual cats and dogs, or the unusual ones like snakes and spiders, can become like a family to us. Their presence and the familiar sound of their barks and purrs is enough to dispel the heavy weight of a long, hard day at work, eventually soothing our tired spirits.

Those who have a prior experience wi . . .

pet a dog

Why Pet a Dog?

J. Wesley Porter July 18, 2017

The Secret behind Our Dog’s Love to Be Petted

We know the drill. When our dogs drop on the floor and roll over to offer us their bellies or lie on top of our feet or flaunt their puppy-dog eyes to us, there is no stopping us from petting them.

For those of us who have a dog for a pet, we know that, if there’s one thing our canines love, it’s being . . .