best friend

How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friend

J. Wesley Porter October 17, 2017

Why canines are our favorite furry companions

“Man’s best friend.” That’s what we’ve come to call domestic dogs over years and years of working, playing, and living with them. We’ve welcomed dogs into our homes and in our families for millennia, but what exactly is it about dogs that make them man’s best friend?

Dogs have an incredible cap . . .

play with a dog

Do You Want to Know How to Play with a Dog?

J. Wesley Porter October 10, 2017

Remember These When You Choose Fun Games to Play with a Dog

Owning a dog is a joy not just for the heart but also for the mind and soul. They are lovable companions that bring laughter and fun into our lives. A dog will soothe your stress, improve your mood, and make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. They will greet you at the d . . .

dog owner

Being a Dog Owner Requires Patience

J. Wesley Porter September 7, 2017

Be a responsible dog owner—learn these strategies in training your dog without losing your cool.

Being a dog owner requires a lot of patience. There are dog owners who often underestimate exactly how much care it takes to raise a dog. Dogs are like children in many ways and require much time and energy. If one is willing to be patient and train their dog . . .

guard dog

Choosing a Guard Dog for Your Family

J. Wesley Porter August 29, 2017

Know the qualities that make a good family guard dog


Dogs are extremely loyal and will usually do all they can to protect their owners. Most dogs will let you know that something is not right—it’s their natural instinct. For instance, when the doorbell rings or a squirrel runs up a tree, they will bark to let you know there is an intruder. Ho . . .